We are proud to be one of the first events back after the Covid shutdowns. That said, the virus is still a real thing and we are taking measures to ensure athlete comfort and safety. Please find a list below of the currently planned social distancing and sanitization measures for this year. This list is not meant to be comprehensive, but feel free to ask or suggest things that are missing.

TO BE CLEAR: We are thinking about these things and will do our best to run a safe event. Athlete safety is important to us. That said, this will not be a risk-free activity.

If you are high-risk or very concerned about contracting Covid-19, it would be better for you to NOT attend our event.

People who are sick WILL NOT BE ALLOWED in the venue. If you are sick, DO NOT COME TO THE EVENT. We will provide credits and/or refunds to those who fall ill and unfortunately cannot compete.

Legality: As of today, 6/25/2020, the State of Florida allows auditoriums to be open at 50% capacity. Our venue, the Ocean Center, is a Volusia County-owned auditorium that is enforcing state rules. We are allowed a capacity of 1,200 people. We also have a contingency plan to move people waiting outside the venue proper in order to reduce our capacity and stay safe/legal.